Conservative Victory Plan Ten Commandments

March 3, 2009


There are over 5000 Conservative Believer Republican Organizations in America, including the RNC, FRC, the NRA, and others. Not one of these organizations have any sort of Conservative Victory Plan. 

Sorry, but they just don’t. They do not even have a bad plan, much less a good plan. How can anything of any sort get done without a plan? Name one thing, including your summer vacation, that gets done without a plan. If anyone finds a plan for Victory, that I may have overlooked, do me a favor and forward it to me, or give me the directions to this wondrous thing.

I wondered and marveled at this, and was astounded to find this state of affairs. So I decided to find out exactly how hard it was to create such a plan. I found it amazingly simple. Of course, I have to admit I have been studying public policy as a Conservative Republican Believer activist for years, so I did start with some preparation. Nonetheless, it was amazingly simple. So the larger question is WHY we have not had such a plan all these years. 

If my plan were the worst plan on earth, it would be 10 times better than anything the other 5000 Conservative Organizations have put out, as they have created and put out, exactly NOTHING….

Of course, nothing is set in stone about the details in my plan, and thus I have no problem discussing improvements and additions to it of just about any sort. In fact, I welcome them.

No wonder the Conservative Republican Believer rank  and file are constantly demoralized, dispirited, and downcast, not to speak AWOL on election day, as well as the rest of the year. The Bible says, “If the trumpet sounds an uncertain note, who will prepare themselves for battle?” Hasn’t this truism ever occurred to the 10,000 brains we have running these organizations that we are supporting with millions of our dollars?

From this minute forward, no one should give a penny to any Conservative Organization or Candidate until they, at minimum, produce a Conservative Victory Plan.

Here is my plan:

Republican-Conservative-Believer Victory Plan or

The Ten Victory Commandments


1. There is no such thing as a Conservative who is not also a Believer, and a Republican.

2. All politics are local. We can never succeed until we organize effectively at the precinct level.

3. We need to get tough on our Party, and its Office Holders and Candidates.

4. Our Cause is a Worldwide Cause. We need to seek allies globally.

5. Raising the Birthrate of our best and brightest young people trumps all else. 

6. We must understand we are headed to extinction, if we don’t get our birth rate up.

7. Pro-Life doesn’t include subsidizing the irresponsible reproduction of the worst and dumbest.

8. If we are not going to be here, what do we need with a Constitution, Flag or the Bible?

9. Government is not automatically, or intrinsically, bad.

10. Business is not automatically, or intrinsically, good. Bad business should get no free ride.

These are just some of the core principles

That will give Republican-Conservative-Believers Final and Complete Victory.

1. There is no such thing as a Conservative who is not also a Believer and a Republican. These three are inextricably joined together. Fiscal Conservatives and Secular Conservatives, by themselves, are not Conservatives at all. And Conservatives who are not Republicans are not Conservatives either. And any Believer who is not also a Conservative is certainly no Believer at all. Now, that does not mean we do not make strategic alliances with all kinds of groups in order to win elections, we do, and we should, but we can never compromise our core principles in doing so.

2. All politics are local. Thus, we can never succeed until we organize totally effectively at the precinct level. National level blowhards, posers and pretenders are a burden and an embarrassment to our cause. Mostly, all they care about is milking us for their personal gain. We must beware of any National leadership that is not firmly rooted in Precinct level politics, and of, by, and for, the Precincts. Precinct Captains, or Precinct Committee Chairs are the Royal Blood of our movement and must out rank everyone else.

3. Our Cause is a Worldwide Cause and we must seek partners globally. We must see our fight as a global struggle in which Conservatives are in a non-stop civil war against Liberals inside every organization, religion and nation on earth. Our Cause trumps all other considerations of nationality, race, religion, culture, language, and ethnicity, or it stands for nothing.

4. Raising the Birthrate of our best and brightest young people is Job One. It trumps all other causes of every sort combined together. For if we win on every single Cause and lose on Children we lose everything, whereas if we win on Children and lose on every single other cause, we still win.

5. We must understand we are headed to extinction if we don’t get our birth rate up. We, the best and brightest, regardless of ethnicity, are reproducing at only half of replacement. By the end of this century we will become statistically extinct. Any group of human beings who reproduce at half of replacement, which would be 1.1 children per woman, will disappear in less than 100 years.

6. Pro-Life does not include the state subsidizing the irresponsible reproduction of the worst and dumbest among us. Any Democrat Liberal Heathen women who want an abortion can call me and I will drive them to the clinic and pay for lunch.

7. If we are not going to be here, what do we need with a Constitution, a Flag or, for that matter, a Bible? Thus, nothing is as important as our insuring that we will be here.

8. Government is not automatically, or intrinsically, bad. A Republican-Conservative-Believer government would be a good thing. For example, if we had government subsidies for responsible reproduction and no taxpayer money spent to underwrite irresponsible reproduction then that would be a good thing that government could do.

9. Business is not automatically, or intrinsically, good, and we should not give bad business a free ride. Business that funds the Left is worse than out and out Socialism. We must punish business that is not our friends and reward business that is our friends. Just like everyone else, business must choose which side it is on.

10. We need to get tough on our Party, Office Holders, and Candidates. If they are not real Conservatives, we don’t support them. And if we support them they must sign a loyalty oath to our party, among other things. It should contain such things as a promise to serve at the convenience of the party, not themselves. No, they can’t eat at our table and then retire with benefits any time they want. They will serve as long as we want them to serve and that will be understood before we support them the first time.

These are just some of the core principles that will give Republican-Conservative-Believers Final and Complete Victory.

Note: The Republican Party Never Was A 3rd Party

Third Party is the term used for anything that thinks it is a political party, other than one of the only two major parties in the US, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, and their antecedents.

In the Case of the Democrat Party, it was originally called (paradoxically) the Republican Party because it identified itself with the French Revolutionaries who called themselves “Republicans” as opposed to Monarchists.

In fact, neither the French Revolutionaries, nor the Democrats led by Jefferson, were Republicans at all in the way we understand that word today. Thus the word the Democrats initially chose for their name lasted only a short time before it was changed to Democratic Republicans to try to avoid the stigma of the bloody and tyrannical French Revolutionaries. Shortly after that it was changed again to simply the Democratic Party. On the Republican side they were first called Federalists, then Whigs and finally Republicans.

The term Third Party is used as shorthand for all such parties other than the main two, and is often properly used dismissively to mean minor parties that stand no chance of winning any elections. But all that doesn’t stop a lively trade, intense profiteering, and vast ego boosting that is facilitated by a constant stream of “Thirds.”

Historically, the U.S. since the formation of organized political parties has had a two-party system. Following Duverger’s law, the Electoral College with its “winner take all” award of electors in presidential elections, and single-seat plurality voting for Congress and most all offices at the State and Local level, has created a firm two-party system. To change it to the European model would require a complete overhaul of the Constitution and a complete remodeling of our culture. Another contributing factor to our stability is the division of the government into three separate branches, which radically differs from the proportional representational parliamentary systems, Europe and most of Asia have.

Third parties do draw a bit of attention to issues that may be ignored by the majority parties, but non-party organizations like NRA do a far better job of this. Mostly, “Thirds” are used by upset people, many mentally deranged, to vent their anger and provide a way to register a protest vote, even if this meant cutting off their own noses to spite their face. Thirds have traditionally not only been total and complete failures, but ended up harming the very causes they espoused, and raising public anger against them for being the “spoilers” they are.

One thing has to be made very clear, the Republican Party was never a Third Party, and to say it was is to simply deceive people. The time between when the Republican Party was created in 1854 till it won the White House was barely 6 years. And even during these six years it never qualified or functioned as a Third Party as we understand the term. From day one, the Republican Party controlled many governorships and dominated politics in several states. As a matter of fact it was a major party success from day one.

This is in startling contrast to the several hundred “Third Parties that have disgraced our election landscape over the years. None of these “Thirds” ever won anything, and all of them were an embarrassment, a deep disappointment, and an exercise in futility.

To reiterate, the Republican Party was the result of a massive nearly overnight realignment of the Whig and Democrat Parties, the pro slavers all going to the Democrat Party and the anti-slavers going to the Republican Party. It was a done deal from day one, and was along clearly regional line dividing North from South. It was a gearing up for Civil War to protect and preserve the Union.

But opposition to slavery, was far from the core of the Republican Party. It showcased the early Federalist agenda of a progressive vision of modernizing the United States, protectionism and an emphasis on higher education, banking, railroads, industry and cities, while at the same time promising free homesteads to farmers to build a free agricultural society uncontaminated by slavery. They argued that free-market labor was superior to slave labor, and the very foundation of civic virtue and true American values. There slogan was, “Free Soil, Free Labor, and Free Men”. It absorbed the previous traditions of its members, most of whom had been Whigs, and many Democrats who switched were rewarded with governorships, such as, Nathaniel P. Banks of Massachusetts, Kinsley Bingham of Michigan, William H. Bissell of Illinois, Salmon P. Chase of Ohio, Hannibal Hamlin of Maine, Samuel J. Kirkwood of Iowa, Ralph Metcalf of New Hampshire, Lot Morrill of Maine, and Alexander Randall of Wisconsin, or they were rewarded with seats in the U.S. Senate for big names like Bingham and Hamlin, and James R. Doolittle of Wisconsin, John P. Hale of New Hampshire, Preston King of New York, Lyman Trumbull of Illinois, and David Wilmot of Pennsylvania.

Since its inception, its chief opposition had been, as it still is, the Democratic Party, but the amount of flow back and forth of prominent politicians between the two parties was quite high during this realignment, starting in 1854 and culminating with the take-over of the White House by Lincoln in 1860. No “Third” Party could have been built from scratch in this short time period of a bare 6 years. It was by a massive realignment that this was done, not by creating a dead-end laughing stock Third Party.

Two small cities of Yankee-land,  Ripon, Wisconsin and Jackson, Michigan, claim to be the birthplace of the Republican Party. Ripon held the first County convention on March 20, 1854, and Jackson held the first statewide convention where delegates including Abraham Lincoln from Illinois July 6, 1854 declared their new party opposed to the expansion of slavery into new territories and selected a state-wide slate of candidates. The Midwest took the lead in forming state party tickets, while the eastern states lagged a year or so. There were, essentially, no efforts to organize the party in the South. The Republicans had their base in the Northeast and Midwest, and that was sufficient to rule. The party launched its first national convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in February 1856, with its first national nominating convention held that summer in Philadelphia.

John C. Frémont ran as the first Republican nominee for President in 1856, and although unsuccessful, the Republicans showed a very strong base. They totally dominated New England, New York and the northern Midwest, and had a strong presence in the rest of the North. They had almost no support in the South, where they were roundly denounced in 1856-60 as a divisive force that threatened civil war. Compare this first showing of the Republicans to that of any Third Party that has ever existed and you can see that the Republicans were NEVER a Third Party, and that it is a lie to try to say they were.

There are always hosts of special pleaders and special interests, but these one-issue ideas need to be taken inside on one or both of the Parties to be acted upon. By the time of the realignment in 1854, the Whig Party had already virtually collapsed into political chaos of a death spiral. From the collapsing Whigs, various Prohibitionist and Nativist movements began emerging, especially the American Party, based originally on secret Know Nothing lodges. It was a moralistic party that appealed to the middle class fear of corruption, which it identified with Catholics, especially the recent Irish immigrants who seemed to bring crime, corruption, poverty and bossism as soon as they arrived.

Those splinters notwithstanding, the Republican Party was at all time the choice of reasonable people, and was therefore more driven, in terms of ideology and talent; it wiped out the hapless American Party in 1856, and by 1858 the Republicans controlled majorities in every single Northern state, and hence were able to control the electoral votes for president by 1860 to put Lincoln in the White House.

The ideological force driving the new party was modernization, and opposition to the anti-modern threat of slavery (today read The Slave Welfare State created by Obama.) The Republican argument was simply that the “Slavocracy,” using its wealth and “Slave Power” had effectively seized power over the Federal Government, (much like globalized business has done today) and was thus able to make slavery legal in the territories, and perhaps even in the northern states. This coup would give obnoxiously rich slave owners the chance to go anywhere and buy up the best land, thus undercutting the wages of free labor and destroying the foundations of civil society.

The only Democrat response was that they would bring on Civil War if slavery was touched in any way, and in that they were proved to be good prophets. They argued that the election any Republican for President would automatically produce civil war. To get elected Abraham Lincoln, amazingly,  made no speeches, but rather let the party apparatus march its army of supporters to the polls, which they did, as it had never been done before. (Here we see Precinct Power on a truly grand scale that we must emulate today to again save the Republic.)

Finally, never let it be said that the Republican Party was ever a divisive Third Party. It never was, and therefore NO Third Party has ever achieved any sort of electoral success in the history of this country, but on the other hand, only brings harm to the Republic and to the very causes they pretend to espouse.


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